So ... how's your day turning out? Do tell, I'm listening.


Ben said...

* This post was inspired by the words of jade.

Dooey said...

I punched myself in the face with the cars sun visor on the way home.. it could be better to say the very least.

Ben said...


I woke up early with a good night's rest, and got to work half an hour earlier than normal. Then it went sour from there.

I got an irate email from an idiot client who seems to think that pestering me with phone calls and emails (copying his boss) will give me MORE time to be working on the stuff he wants. (I have since taken up the hobby of writing equally stern emails back to him, copying his boss and bcc'ing mine.) One of the engineers didn't even bother to show up for a conference call with a client; unacceptable behaviour, and she seemed unapologetic about it. Then work, work, work.

Workout was good, but left shoulder is feeling a little funny. My workout partner is feeling it too and seems to be whining a lot. May have to ditch him for someone who has the right mental attitude and spirit.

Girlfriend seems miffed about something; getting the feeling that she doesn't understand my current need for drive and motivation in my life. That will sort itself out (by me prodding at it).

And my sunburn is still very very red.