Let Others Decide

man, i miss this channelCBC's doing a "Screw The Vote" campaign, and from what I've seen, it's hilarious. Along the same vein as Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans". It's airing on (Thursday) June 17, at 1130pm on CBC TV! Wish I could watch it.

"Screw the Vote ... let others decide your future!"


Nk said...

Well, I heard that there was a Canadian vote for sale on eBay, actually, and that the then-current bid was 30.00USD. I wanted to post something about it, but I couldn't find it. I found this Canadian vote for sale, though.

I also found these 2 auctions for an American vote: a vote in Florida, and one in Texas.

Ben said...

I think there was some investigation going on about whether that was legal. Seems like they can't really stop you anyhow, but this guy (your link) has probably found a slight loophole: he'll listen to your suggestion, so the feds can't say he's selling a vote. But in reality, he'll probably vote whichever way you want him to.

Screw the vote! Let an American decide your future.

Momcy said...

My logic is to vote for the underdog so they can have enought power to keep an eye on other parties becoming too powerful to abuse the system.