Hey, Moron! You Can't Stop There!

Costco shopper traffic makes me sick. And Chinatown traffic makes me sick too. It never ceases to amaze me how inconsiderate (and just plain stupid) some people can be. Some can't control their cars properly; others can barely handle their carts. All of them, somehow, end up in front of me.


Van said...

it couldn't be as bad as the Ranch 99 lot in Cupertino could it? or better yet, Aberdeen Mall in Richmond.

serene.y said...

well i get road-raged on a public bus.. haaha
Ben, i've linked your blog to mine.. let me know if you want me to extract that out.

Ben said...

Costco has got to be at least on par with Cupertino Ranch 99 -- they just don't know how to be considerate.

I've started resorting to literally banging other people's carts when they get in my way, with a "don't fvck with me" look on my face. Yes, the bastard in me is definitely coming out now. Except if they leave their baby/kid in the cart, then I'm nice -- because the kids are always the ones who lose in adult kefuffles!

Serene, no problem at all -- glad to know you enjoy reading my blog!

As for highway traffic, it's the slow losers who drive in the fast lane that piss me off. There's no shame in driving in the right-side lanes, so move your ass over there and stop clogging traffic!


S said...

*derisive snort* Nothing makes me hate humanity more than a Saturday morning trip to Costco.

People go deaf and develop Centigrade room temperature IQ. And they let 3-foot-fuck-all CHILDREN drive the carts.