Pinching a Small Fortune

Every morning, I hold the fate of nearly $14,000 in my hand. More accurately, I pinch it. Between my thumb and forefinger. Well, sometimes, because sometimes I grasp it loosely in my whole hand, just to feel that it's there.

And every morning, I get to choose what to do with it. I mean, it's like standing at the craps table with a bunch of chips. Bet it all? Or just hold out and wait it out?

And so it is with the small fortune. Funny, that I don't even act like there's that much at stake, but I get to decide. It rests on me.

I can either keep it the way it is, or I can drive it into oncoming traffic.


Momcy said...

hey, if you are having trouble, I'll safe keep it for you. Are those Company's money that you get to make decision on? :)

Ben said...

The last line should be your clue ... the "small fortune" is the value of my GTI.

Kevin said...

Driving it into incoming traffic is worth $14K. How often does one get to do that?