The Life of the Boss

It's 10:46 am. Do you know where your CEO is?


serene.y said...
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serene.y said...

Beats me... as long as she doesn't come into my office and starts bugging me with her latest gossips, i honestly do not care where she might be :)

Darn.. kept hitting the trash button

Ben said...

Oh, wait. Here he is, bright and early at 10:58am, in his honkin' yella Tonka H2.

I wish I were the boss. Or better yet, Ray -- he has an even better schedule than my CEO.

Ben said...

Your CEO has gossip? Mine never does. He doesn't talk to a whole lot of people, really.

I mean, don't get me wrong. He seems to be, on the most part, a nice CEO. And the company is doing well, so he must be doing something right, right?

But lately he's been pushing his weight around and being extremely overly assertive (this is really something else, but worded nicely) about his decisions.

"[decision here] End of story."
"No. End of discussion."

I think sometimes I catch him on an nice up-mood, and I get a nice response. Maybe I just gotta butter him up a little more. :-)

(Not that way.)

miffy chan said...

mine? he was moving my desk in pieces from kelowna to vancouver...

serene.y said...

yea gossiping.. such a bourgeios behaviour. Seeing her car beside the facade is depressing enough.

I reckon I'd very much like having your boss... straight to the point, and no other hidden indications of "oh.. i think you should...". Would appreciate a boss who would just let us do our things :)

Ben said...

True, I like a no bullsh!t kind of CEO. I've had enough CEOs who are great at doing the song-n-dance-show, but very few who are in touch with the actual company ... and the PEOPLE IN IT.

If I want bullsh!t people, I'll visit a car dealership.

Ah, he's here now; just a touch after 11am. And ah, his girlfriend just arrived to work as well, just a touch after the other touch after 11am. How sweet.

Ben said...

Whoa. My CEO beat me into work this morning; I got here at 945am. I wonder what's up.