Sing, Sang, Song

There are three recently popular songs on Wild 949 that I felt the need to comment on, all around a common theme (coincidentally one we've touched on before).

Mario Winan's I Don't Wanna Know strikes me as a strange escapist attitude. He'd rather not know that his girl is out there messin' around, than to face the truth, as if what he doesn't know can't hurt him. It's a good song, but the content is messed up (in my opinion).

Coming from the complete opposite end is Eamon's F--k It (I Don't Want You Back). Eamon's writing as a follow-up to a breakup when he realizes she wasn't faithful, and finally takes a step to moving on and not wanting her back. I feel like it's sung in a sad tone, having been hurt by her. Again, I like the song, and I feel for the guy.

Of course, there had to be a response to it. Frankee sang this to Eamon: F U R B. She's going on about how she was cheating on him and how he was just a loser and how pathetic he is. Totally no remorse in her actions, a very in-your-face-so-what attitude. Now, that is ghetto, and I'm frankly disgusted by these lyrics.

And what's more, it bothers me that shE finds this (last) song funny. WTF?

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