Food, Folks, and Fun

This past weekend, Hougee had his first return trip to the Bay Area. Though it was a work trip for Uppercut Apparel, I had the opportunity to spend some time with him again.

The fabulous Saturday started off with a morning trip to the Great Mall looking for the re-issued Nike Air Jordan 2's. They were all sold out within an hour, which we expected. What we didn't expect was to find the mall teeming with tall, beautiful girls all dressed up for auditioning for the next season of UPN's America's Next Top Model! (By the way, minimal requirements for qualification are 5'7", female, under 27.)

After some harmless oggling, we left to hit up some urban clothing stores in Los Gatos. Weather picked up, and our spirits were high! Los Gatos is a great little town; I think I could see myself living there long-term, if I could afford it! On the way out, we passed by a Ferrari dealership and Hougee spotted the Enzo -- we had to spin around the block to stare at it again!

We zipped through Nordstrom Rack, and finding nothing, took to Haight street for some Best of Thai -- yummy food (though rather spicy). At Amoeba Records, we happened across clearance (used) Electronica CDs in the $2 range! What's more, they were buy-4-get-1-free! A lot of these are smaller-name or no-name artists who had a small release of their music, so we found ourselves buying on instincts and gut. $30 later (combined), we skimmed our 17 to find some real gems!

Nightfall saw us roaming Union Square so Hougee could by a belt for his new jeans (which were threatening to moon us all day). And finally, after a long drive home, some ghetto burritos.

It was an eventful day of casual hanging: friends, food, cars, girls, shopping, and a day about town. How else would you hope to spend a great day like this?

We said our goodbyes that night, and when he awoke the next morning, I was probably already on the slopes at Kirkwood.

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