Makes Ya Want One, Donut?

yumI've been craving Krispy Kremes for some time now. (For about 4 weeks now, actually.) And the force is particularly strong today. I may have to pop over to Albertson's to pick one up (though it's definitely not the same as getting one fresh off the conveyor belt). Gawd, I miss them!

If you're feeling like Thursdays are really a warmup to Fridays, or if you're bored, there's an article that touches on the history of donuts. It also names a few local specialty donut joints, including Cops Donuts (scheduled to open in fall 2004).

I also read an article comparing the scientific differences between Tim Horton's and Krispy Kremes, but can't find it again. Speaking of which, by the end of the year, Krispy Kreme is expected to launch a donut that has 25% less sugar in it, so as to entice the more health-conscious donut lovers. I say that's all crap, because if you're going for a donut, you should enjoy it for what it should be -- not some honed version of it!

By hey, let's see what I'm saying after I've gained 40 ever-so-tasty, melt-in-your-mouth, stick-to-your-hips, guilty-pleasures-of-life pounds.

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