We finally made our escape from LA safely. We didn't get shot, mugged, or otherwise harmed. And we even learned a few things along the way.

- Somewhere on Highway 152 sits a slaughterhouse. I suspect they do not filter the air that comes out of there and into the neighborhood. (Note to self: don't buy property there.)
- The drive down the I-5 can lure one dangerously to sleep if one doesn't carry a stash of RedBull or Hansen's energy drinks.
- You may think you're approaching Los Angeles, even if you see signs saying you are, but you're not: you still have an hour to go. Ditto when leaving the area.
- It's hot and humid there. Expect your car's AC to be on 24 hours a day, or you'll steam your windows up. And don't even bother doing your hair!
- The area has much to offer to tourists, but forgets to mention that it's about an hour drive between any of them. And then finding parking!
- People like to honk at me, even if I think I'm driving just fine.
- Multi-million-dollar homes and properties in the gated and patrolled Bel Air Estates neighborhoods, sporting Ford Taurus and minivan parked in their carports. I don't get it. (Yes, we're pretty sure it's not the gardeners' cars.)
- Any idiot in a purchased Spiderman costume can charge any moron a dollar for a photo with him. I am a moron.
- Angelina Jolie and friends invited us to their premiere of Tomb Raider 2 by Mann's Chinese Theatre, but we had to graciously decline since we had to work the next day.
- Police all over California don't like where I park my car or how long I park there.
- The huge "HOLLYWOOD" sign that appears in every movie? I think they hide it, because I never saw it once in my time there!

Having said all this, I had a great time. I certainly like the San Francisco Bay Area better, but I'll return for more punishment when I'm ready again.

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