Just wondering, but who uses the little pee hole in the underwear? (Obviously, this is directed towards the guys.) I mean, does anyone really "snake" their snake through that cotton labyrinth in order to pee? And would you want to see someone wiggling their willy with their hands while standing at the urinal? It makes sense if you're wearing boxer briefs, since it can be a "long way up" to get the undies down but with briefs, it's just easier to pull them down than to work your way through it. Yes, even under the pants. In any case, trying to get johnson through those two undie flaps probably requires more handy work (pun shamelessly intended) than one would like to imagine other people doing.

This is disturbing to me, particularly with the startling high proportion of men who seem to go straight from urinal to the door. They pass the sink without a second thought and out the door they go, leaving invisible leftovers on the inside of that door handle for the rest of us to pick up. A word to the wise: always always always open that door with a paper towel. Or wait for someone else to leave first; take an extra 10 seconds at the sink for someone to open that door first, and follow them right through.

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