Parking in a handicap access area can make you $280 USD lighter in a matter of minutes. Even if your car is the only one around. Early on a Saturday morning. In what you may think is a private lot. In front of your own company building that you know is not even open that weekend. While you are actively loading stuff in the company car and happened to be inside the building to get another cartful.

The citation contesting process requires a written letter to the Office of Parking Violations, clearly stating reasons on why the citation should be considered invalid. They then allow themselves 4 to 6 weeks to decide whether the citation can be dismissed or is still valid. If it is still valid and one requests to appeal, a court date can ensue, but the bail amount (ticket amount) must first be paid anyway.

If you think hourly parking in SF is expensive, try leaving your car in one of those spots and see what happens.

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