Under Watch

I had a strange dream last night. (Wait, just stay with me on this one.)

I was somehow framed and placed in a "maximum security prison" ... except this was a maximum security prison of a different sort: not so maximum-security.

I mean, it wasn't quite the dank concrete structure with heinous barbed wires that one might imagine. It was more like a ... large complex, almost like a resort, with alleyways and streets, and even trees and stuff. Though, it was still enclosed and guarded, so I suppose that counts for something.

Another strange thing was that we weren't so much tracked by direct monitoring, but our whole personal records were printed into this huge book -- kind of like an employee handbook -- that was about an inch thick. And they gave it to you to hold onto. Of course, they logged details into their own system (handwritten, in those old ledger books). I happened to glance at my record while in their office and noticed that I had some demerits listed: for two attempted escapes! Funny, I could only remember one, but they claimed they found my record book in one of the air ducts.

Someone was trying to frame me!

All the same, I certainly hope the Ritz-Carlton treats me better than that.

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