Spa ... uh ... for Men

5 days in Bali. 3 spas. 2 of them with body scrubs and rose petal baths. A total of 290 minutes of spoiling the body.

I suppose I could be metro.

But for the benefit of those of you who may not have had a spa before -- mostly guys, I'm guessing -- I'll give a rundown on these spa experiences. Actually, I'll recount them as a combination of all three together. And hopefully, it will save you the whatever-it-would-normally-cost-for-such-services.
- You walk in to a dimly lit, serene area. They serve you a quick refreshment: water, ginger tea, mixed fruit drink, something. Then you get something to change into: disposable underwear or some kind of loose spa-wear.
- You're asked to sit, and then you get some kind of scented foot soak while the masseuse scrubs your feet.
- I think in most places, you get to choose the oils / scents you like for later.
- Depending on your spa / massage package, you might get some kind of jacuzzi / steam room / sauna time.
- Then you lie face-down on the massage table, and they do a foot / shoulder / back massage. Usually, there's some kind of massage oil or lotion involved (or else you'd get chafed pretty fast.)
- After the massage (which is better if it's deep-tissue), you might get a scrub / exfoliation -- I got one that was lulur (Indonesian specialty), and one of avocado (ground avocado pits with coconut bits). Front and back.
- Then you shower all that stuff off.
- And you then get to soak in a rose petal bath for 20 minutes or so, and rinse.

So then you come out. Your muscles are loose. You feel relaxed. Your skin is really soft and smooth. You smell great. You're in a dreamy state, floating through the air.

And you know what you've become? A mosquito delicacy.

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