Deep in the Heart of the Amazon ...

Another long day.

Early wake-up, waited for the driver to pick us up at 8am.

First off, whitewater rafting in a completely different kind of expensive. That is ...
... in a boat that's been patched up more times than Jackie Chan's body,
... with lifejackets and helmets that don't fit quite properly,
... in a river that has the kind of turbulence of a large washing machine,
... and about as wide as the boat (meaning the raft rubs really often).

After that was lunch and then the obligatory waste-of-time trips through "artist galleries" which are nothing more than the tour's attempt to get kickbacks from tourist shopping purchases.

Finally, a two-hour Lulur spa in Kuta with lulur scrub and bath and all that stuff.

For now, I'm tired. Bye.

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