Eat, Sleep, Tour

A long day. Woke up at 6:30am, breakfast buffet (with fresh waffles and everything), and our driver for the day picked us up at 8am. Itinerary and highlights/lowlights:

- Monkey Sanctuary (near Ubud). A park with free-roaming monkeys, where I was nearly raped by several monkeys for my bunch of bananas ... within two minutes of walking in.
- Goa Gajah, Elephant Cave. A site where Hindus and Buddhists both set up temples for meditation.
- Gunung Kawi, Royal Tomb. Rock carvings in the side of a mountain, and you have to sprinkle "holy water" (stagnant water in an open pot) before entering.
- Tirta Empul, Holy Spring Water Temple.
- Tegalalang. Gorgeous cascading rice terraces on the sides of mountains and valleys. Basically: stop the car, walk out, look around, snap photos, back in the car.
- Lunch at Ibu Oka, famed restaurant for their Babi Guling (spit-roasted pork). Now that's BBQing, baby! And at 15,000 rupiah ($2US) for the dish, totally awesome value.
- Tanah Lot, sea temple. The is the most photographed sea temple in Bali, and mainly because the sun sets directly behind most of the vantage points for some amazing photos.
- Dinner at Jimbaran Bay. Fresh seafood packed in ice: you pick it, they cook it. Dinner on the beach, though this was well after the sun had set.
- Jacuzzi at the Ritz. It closes at 11pm, but we have never seen anyone ever use it, so it's pretty much our private jacuzzi.

Pooped. Time to hit the sack for another early morning.

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