Seeking More Friends

Yeah, I'm pretty hooked on Heroes, but it's pretty dark as a show. And though I've always been into Las Vegas, Monk, and Mythbusters, I'm now into Psych and Weeds.

But, there's still a genre of show missing: sitcoms.

Now that Friends and Frasier and Will&Grace are done, I'm looking for my next fix! I downloaded a few episodes of The Class (same writers as Friends), but it's pretty weak in the first few.

What sitcoms are popular now? What are you hooked on?


lem-n-ada said...

The only two words on TV for me: Gilmore Girls. I really think you could get into that Ben!

Kevin said...

Yeah, I think I've given up on The Class. Joey was good to be cancelled. I think it's hard to find a replacement for Friends. Very few sitcoms are still good on the Nth viewing.

Ben said...

Yeah, The Class is only lukewarm at best, and I've already been though something like 10 episodes. Then again, Friends didn't seem that funny when I watched the first season again either.