One out of Three Dentists Approves

So I did my first dentist check-up in Taiwan last night. (Yes, my first one since I moved here. And yes, I have been here since May 2005. Now leave me alone to tell you what I want to tell you, so I can go to sleep already.)

I picked this particular dentist because two of my good friends here -- who have schooled in North America and therefore have some experience with North American dentists -- recommended them, and because both of the dentists have degrees from Northwestern University so at least they have some command of English in case I need to draw on that.

I had a great dentist while in California who was always courteous and patient with me, despite my less-than-stellar brushing technique and routine. I'm an old dog, and have been mostly sticking with my old habits, so it was with a little hesitation that I came this new guy.

After all, you don't want to get on the bad side of a man who's got a drill in your mouth.

Anyway, I'm in for the cleaning, and I tell him my dental history, and he takes a look-see. He tells me that I brush very well and there isn't even a lot of plaque for him to clean up. But he does say that I brush too hard and my gums are taking the brunt of it, so I should lighten up. That's interesting; my first glowing report from a DDS. And then he says that my flossing really needs work. I'm in complete agreement with him, since ... well, I barely ever floss.

Like, ever.

Anyway, I don't know whether I should be trusting this guy. I'm not sure whether he's telling me the truth, or if (in the ten years he's practiced in Taiwan) he's just gotten used to the average Taiwanese dental situation.

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James said...

Dentists, doctors, and people who do a good job on cutting your hair are always hard to find. That reminds me, time to see my dentist before the end of the year