Voicemail Top 40

Gosh, remember when we used to record songs on our cell/pager voicemail messages, and people who wanted to leave a message with us would have to endure listening to a chorus of whatever the latest song playing in our heads was?

(Aside, San Diego is gorgeous, even if I was only there for a day of meetings.)


hougee said...

SD is a nice town.. 10,000 times better than the bay.. and it's only 2 hrs away from LA :)

and pager.. i wonder if kids do that nowadays still... i remember i had a stupid pager thing asking people to tell me what their favorite song or car and shit.. so retarded! ahahahaah

the good old days

Kevin Cheng said...

And the pager codes! Don't forget the pager codes and didn't you guys have laminated card reference in your wallet for the codes of who's who?

I want to visit San Diego ... I've only heard good things but the demographic isn't that young (mostly retirement except for UCSD) and thus, working there doesn't seem that plausible. Will probably go for their comic convention next year.

Ben said...

Did I have a laminated card?? Heck, I hope not, but if I did, I must have blocked that out of my head.

I used to get complaints from people that my voicemail (preamble) message was too long. My rebuttal was, "So what, I like that song!" Ah, to be young and stupid(er) again ...