Do You ... Haiku?

Bored on a Friday,
waiting for time to pass by.
Time to leave here yet?

Big yellow Hummer.
It's parked outside my window,
ruining my view.

Instant messaging
consumes much of my time here
in the office place.

Writing in haikus
is really a lot of fun!
Will you try some, please?

Five, seven, and five
syllables go on each line,
They don't have to rhyme.


Anonymous said...

"Crazy," describes you.
What has gotten into you?
Hurry... you need help!

Ben said...

You using my blog
to call me crazy and stuff?
Shame on you, doofus.

Is there a rule that
each line must be its own phrase?
Is that not allowed?

docious! Haha, fun.

I wonder if there
is an international
haiku contest. Hmmm.

Even idiots
are somehow allowed to drive.
DMV takes bribes?

Morons everywhere.
Can't park straight in a wide spot,
even after three tries.

I swear, some of them
are so terribly cross-eyed.
That's my car you dinged!!

Should be permitted
to hit bad drivers with your
car when you see them.

Anonymous said...

Question(s): Would you respect your boss more, if he drove a more conservative and cheaper car? If so, why? Is it bad to enjoy the fruits of your success? Should he just buy a Honda and drive it to work, while leaving his Hummer at home and a secret?


Ben said...

I hope you haven't / misunderstood my words here / about his Hummer.
No, I don't blame him / for buying and driving it / around here at all.
I don't respect him / more or less so just because / he has a nice car.
I'm only saying / that, parked outside my office, / it blocks my nice view.
By the way, I see / that you haven't written in / the form of haiku.

Anonymous said...

Okay I see your, /
point about the yellow car. /
My name ain't Jafar...


Van said...

You have an office? /
Consider yourself lucky /
I lived in a cube! /

Ben said...

I will have to share
my office soon when we hire
someone new in here.

It's okay because
that one half of the office's
empty anyway.

Have to sift through tons
of resumes to find a
sucker to join us.