Jet Set Beauty

hello, there, sexy!My new baby is here! I spent all weekend with her, and kept her locked in my room for the most part. I can't really understand why she had to fly all over the place -- she came a long way to be with me! Don't get me wrong, because I'm certainly very glad she made it here before the weekend. Check out her two-day itinerary ...

08.05 10:06am - SHANGHAI CN - Picked up by FedEx
08.05 10:06am - SHANGHAI CN - Left Origin Location
08.05 09:01pm - SHANGHAI CN - Left Ramp
08.05 01:46pm - ANCHORAGE AK - Arrived at Sort Facility
08.06 03:46am - INDIANAPOLIS IN - Left Sort Facility
08.06 05:09am - OAKLAND CA - Arrived at Sort Facility
08.06 06:02am - OAKLAND CA - Left Sort Facility
08.06 07:40am - SUNNYVALE CA - Arrived at Destination Location
08.06 08:10am - SUNNYVALE CA - On FedEx vehicle for delivery
08.07 09:45am - MOUNTAIN VIEW CA - Delivery attempt
08.07 02:46pm - MOUNTAIN VIEW CA - Delivered

FedEx says, "The Delivery Date/Time on the Detailed Results page reflects the time of delivery according to the time zone of the destination." But that doesn't jive right with those Shanghai timestamps.

Anyway, I will be summarizing my PC-to-Mac switch (with rationale on why) shortly.


Ben said...

... and, of course, now I'm poor. It's instant noodles and water for the rest of the year for me. And a potato sack for clothing.

Nk said...

You'll need scissors, too.

To cut holes in the potato sacks for head and arms.

Are you going to submit a switcher story?

Anonymous said...

A serious question: How is the quality of the TFT? - ie/ Any burnt pixels?

Kevin Cheng said...


Momcy said...

Lucky duck! :D

Ben said...

So far, I haven't noticed any hot/cold pixels, thank goodness.

I had a small fear (from examining the model in the Apple store) that this screen might not be bright enough, but the one I have is perfect. Plus, it automagically adjusts the brightness based on ambient light. And they have the coolest default screen saver (Flurry).

And sitting infront of it during DVD play is practically like looking at the big screen. I mean, it is a BIG SCREEN. Frickin' huge.

Lucky? No, not lucky: I had to pay for this baby, so luck had nothing to do with it. But I'll tell you, the ear-to-ear grin plastered on my face makes it worthwhile.

Anyway, still working through finding equivalents for all my Windows tweaks and utilities and apps. (Thanks to Mike for his handholding.) Particularly annoying is trying to find an multi-client Instant Messaging program that is anywhere as polished as Trillian Pro is. Proteus still has some stability bugs in it, but I'll keep trying.

Anonymous said...

I am so envious of you! *drools*
Eventually planning to buy mine with an iPod, somewhere in the distant future.

have you tried adium?

- aliasa

Ben said...

Have been focusing on Fire and Proteus latest versions, and just came across Adium X yesterday. Problem is, they're only at v0.63 right now, though they're trying to do biweekly releases. And while it's slated to come in v0.64, they don't do metacontacts yet -- major feature requirement for my buy-in! In any case, I tried it anyhow and uninstalled it again, and I'm going to have to wait until they get the rest of that stuff in there.

Fire, incidently, does metacontacts in what's called "clustering", and it's not really metacontacts -- it automatically "clusters" any usernames/nicknames that are the same. And a lot of the time, I had to enter the buddy nicknames in manually, which sucks big time. Plus, what happens if another (separate person) friend has the same nickname? Chaos would ensue. And I'm not big about having chaos on my primary machine.

And then there's the issue of making certain files on my PC server available to me but not my roommates (for my personal data and backup purposes). But that's a Windows (ugh) problem.

Ben said...

I'm currently putting a few accessory purchases on hold: iSight, Airport Express, iPod. Will see if they're really needed or not in the next few months of using this baby.

serene.y said...

it's the most beautiful thing that ever happened in this century. great, now you need an iPod, portable iPod speakers, iSight, and a sony-ericsson mobile phone (with blue-tooth functions).

The list will burn a big hole in your wallet.. can get pretty ugly :)

Ben said...

I have a Bluetooth phone already -- the SiemensS56 -- but I haven't played with anything Bluetooth on this machine except with the Apple Wireless Mouse (which I borrowed from our lab). I'm going to try hooking up a headset to see if that will work (as advertised) with iChat. Maybe I'll test that out tonight.

Do you have a Powerbook? I'm looking for more people with Macs, so that I can have a circle of technical support and advice!