Last night, sHe shared a song with me, a song that brought tears to hEr eyes. I listened to it, read along with the lyrics, and I could see why. I mean, sHe was right; it was a mirror of our situations. I didn't know how an "angel" could hurt hEr so badly either, and I had no worthy explanations for hEr.

"There are many things in the air with me right now. One day, perhaps we can share a chat over coffee some day in the near future, and I will regale you with tales of this time."
"You always say that."
"I will. Tales. I promise."
"I've heard you sing that song many times. I won't be waiting."

And something in me wrenched. I wanted to tell hEr about everything in my life, to catch up with hErs, to share my innermost secrets about where I am and wish I were. I wanted to pour my soul to hEr.

But I couldn't. But the time wasn't right. Not yet. But I know there's a connection; there has to be.

"I know. I promise. Tales."


Nk said...

You sing? Or was that a metaphor?

At least you're speaking now, and that's one step closer to talking and to healing.

Mike said...

Sometimes and somethings, it's all about timing.. But sometimes, waiting for the right time is the root cause of the problem. Don't let the moment just pass by you because it will unless you seize the moment.

Momcy said...
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Momcy said...

I heard a song, this is how it goes: "Happy days are here again, la a la la la la, something, something, Happy days are here to stay." This is a better song than yours. Time to turn the channel!

Ben said...

Well, that's a nice song, but this is the song in question: "How Could An Angel Break My Heart" by Toni Braxton, featuring Babyface. Babyface's parts are in parentheses.

I heard her face was white as rain
(Your face is white as rain)
Soft as a rose that blooms in May
(Soft as a rose in May)
He keeps her picture in a frame
(I keep your picture)
And when he sleeps he calls her name
(I only call out your name)
I wonder if she makes him smile
(She doesn't make me smile)
The way he used to smile at me
(I only smile at you)
I hope she doesn't make him laugh
(She doesn't make me laugh)
Because his laugh belongs to me
(My laugh belongs to you)

How could an angel break my heart
(You are my heart)
Why didn't he catch my falling star
(I will catch your star)
I wished I didn't wish so hard
(Don't wish so hard)
Maybe I wished our love apart
(Love falls apart)
How could an angel break my heart
(Your tender heart)
You can read the full lyrics, if you like. It's really a nice song, even if it's sad.