The Order of Things

take root beer and ice cream. combine ingredients. serve.Okay, let's say you're making a root beer float. Pretty simple, right? Just two ingredients: root beer, and vanilla ice cream. But when you make it, which do you put in the glass first, and which goes in second/after? Why?

* Incidently, I highly recommend Henry Weinhard root beer with "Draught Style Head", brewed by the Blitz-Weinhard company up on Oregon. Good for drinking, awesome for root beer floats. Available at Costco!


Anonymous said...

Ice cream first, followed by the root beer.

Why? So you can watch the fizzy carbonation foam and rise. Reminds me of elementary school: the way the experimental volcano would erupt.

Except you would have control as to how messy your ice cream float would get or not.

- aliasa

Momcy said...

What's the different? When it is in your stomach, it's all mix up anyway? Hee hee!

S said...

I put vanilla extract in my root beer. It tastes the same without the gucky fizzy bubbles. I heard there is a new Vanilla Barq's (or Barq's Float or something), but I prefer to add my own vanilla extract to my pop.

S said...

Ah, found it - Barq's Floatz =)

Ben said...


By that concept, you could just take your pizza and your pop and blend them in a blender, then drink that all down, right? Same thing, since it all ends up in the stomach, right? Oh, or why not pick up a bucket of KFC with mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw, and those biscuits, and make a delicious KFC Gumbo? Blech.


Interesting. I'm the opposite; I like to pour the rootbeer in first, and allow some space in the glass for the heaping scoop of vanilla bean ice cream afterwards (and then top it off as needed with more rootbeer). And the reasoning is that although the fizzing and foaming is fun, I find it generally makes less room for the good stuff -- and these bubbles don't disappear like they do in normal straight rootbeer! I'd rather have that space in the glass used for my drinking pleasure!

So ... 1 for icecream first, 1 for rootbeer first. The rest of you?

Ben said...


It's not the same just to have vanilla extract in it! I like to attack my float with two tools: a straw and a spoon (long handle works best, if you got one). The straw lets me at the bottom of the glass for that vanilla-infused pop, while the spoon gives me little chips/scoops of rootbeer-coated ice cream goodness.


I forgot to mention how my family and I used to do this. (It was quite a ceremony in our house, it was!) Here's what we would do:

- Stuff your glass with 70% ice cream.
- Tilt your glass at an angle, and carefully pour the pop down the side of the glass (to avoid excessive foam).
- Drink and eat, drink and eat until the pop is gone.
- If you are lucky enough to have ice cream left, you just have to refill the glass with more pop!
- Yay! Big smiles around!