Spam, Spam, Spam, Eggs & Spam

I received an email in my now-junkmail Bigfoot email account -- almost all the mails sent there are directly forwarded to my junk pile, primed for reporting as spam and deleting. But this morning, I noticed one particular email where the sender's name had caught my attention.

a lot of spam. in my email account.It was from me.

I don't believe it. And it's from an email account that I regularly use. In Chinese, no less! This has to be the ultimate in spam. I mean, I know that spammers spoof addresses -- I would be naive to think that mine wasn't as well. And we all get spam. But for me to get spam mail from myself??

Those guys are good. And damned annoying.

How do I put an end to this?? SpamBayes seems to think too many things are spam, and Cloudmark thinks too few!