Homo Domesticus

I work in the high-tech industry, and I have a computer at home that I sometimes like to tinker with. But that's about as far as it goes.

I'm not a man's man, that's for sure. I don't really like the taste of most beers, and I barely play any sports. I don't even really watch sports on TV or follow the latest advances in the whatever leagues; it was my ex from whom I had learnt some football basics! I don't fawn over the latest exotic car to hit the market (particularly since I don't ever plan on owning one). And sure, I hit the gym regularly, but I'm not the beastly kind who grunts and snorts while lifting racks of weights loaded with concrete.

But I like reading and browsing through magazines about home design and interior design; I enjoy playing with concepts in my living space. I entertain ideas of artistic (minimalist) decor, focusing only on the playing of light upon structures and objects.

And I enjoy cooking; I think food is amazing. Just absolutely amazing. In fact, my TV is most often left on FoodTV. I like thinking up creations for meals, exploring methods of presentation, wondering how certain foods might compliment each other. I like producing delicious delectable dishes that presented beautifully to be enjoyed by guests, or whipping up comfort foods that warm me through to my soul.

I have no qualms of acknowledging that I'm rather domesticated. I would at any time opt to stay home with the (future) kids and be a stay-at-home Dad if need be. Cook, clean, I wouldn't mind all of that, while ensuring proper supervision and nurturing of a parent-child relationship.

Crap, is that right??

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