Read me, Read ME!

As soon as I posted about lyrics from Mario Winan's song "I Don't Wanna Know", people were finding my site through search engines, and my visitor traffic seemed to double. You would think that some other site would be more popular as a source of such information.

And though I never talked about William Hung's new CD "Inspiration", I'll bet people would have flocked to my site about that too, if I had. (Incidentally, there are some rather cute-looking girls who want to marry him.) And I'm definitely no expert on that guy.

Isn't it strange that the only way to boost readership on a random-thought page like mine, would be to talk about pop culture that everyone seems to want to know?

I mean, I wonder how many people would be searching or wanting to read about the final episode of Frasier and Friends on NBC? (I should mention that I consider those two a great loss to this country. Yes, indeed.)

Doesn't anyone want to know about my thoughts on pencil sharpener designs instead? (I don't have any particular thoughts on that, but you know what I mean.)

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