The Hunchback of Kirkwood

Some time during the scorching day at Kirkwood, I figured out while that the Camelbak was firmly strapped to me, it was causing the insulated jacket to heat up my back too much. The solution? Wear the pack underneath, tighten all the straps, and then wear the jacket loose and open overtop. Ingenious. Absolutely, incredibly, smart, I was!

me with my jacket over the backpackThe only problem was, I looked like Quasimodo the Snowboarder. (A picture will be in my gallery shortly.) Pointing and laughing, my friends were not particularly supportive of the solution, even with my justification:

"But I'm not hot anymore at least!"
"Yeah, now you're definitely not hot."

After enduring the constant tormenting of my "friends" -- laughter that still haunts me now -- I felt it better to be sweaty and hot.

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