The Fitness of Shirts

Fitted shirts. I need to buy fitted shirts.

I'm not talking about the kind of "fitted" shirts that guys wear to clubs, the ones that sometimes look like second skin. I'm not even talkinga bout the kind that "show your build" off which I'd never want to do, because I know what I'd be showing and I can't bear to put people through that. I'm talking about dress shirts.

And by fitted, I mean when they take in the sides a little bit to accommodate for people whose shoulders actually are wider than their waists (a dying breed, we are).

They cost more in general, but regular shirts fit funny. Because after several occasions, after trying on numerous brands and types of shirts, I've found a few general rules about me and shirts. If the shoulders fit nicely, then the sleeve and shirt lengths are too long. If the sleeves fit, then the shoulders are narrow. And if the shoulders and the sleeves fit nicely, then the torso part is too baggy. And then I look like I'm wearing a dress, or when I tuck the shirt into my pants, I look like I've suddenly puffed up with air.

Dammit, I just can't win.

nice shirtWhat gets me more is that maybe a year ago, fitted shirts seemed to be aplenty. Somehow, they've gone extinct and it's hard to find any anymore. Banana Republic used to fit -- in fact, their Classic line used to fit very nicely -- but maybe they figured their customers must have gained a few pounds in the past two years, because I don't see that fit anymore!

So far, I think there are a few brands that might work well for me: Kenneth Cole, Zara. I may be limited to purchasing shirts from them until such time as my own shape changes. And Mexx, though the Mexx neck width always seems not-quite-right.

Why are the fashion gods so against me?