Pending Doom

I think this Blogger article is bluntly laying out a few things for me. Yes, I should probably shut up in my blog, because it will eventually come back and bite me in the ass. Yes, I know you've all warned me about it before. Yes, allowing my blog to be found by search engine robots again was probably a rather dumb move.

What, I never said I was a smart cookie. And clearly, I'm not.

I know that in my next relationship, I will share these things with her. She will probably know about my blog and will hopefully want to read it cover-to-cover (if I can use that phrase for this medium), to get to know more about me. And issues that arise between us would be brought up with her at least before I've blogged it to all of you. I vow those improvements, the next time around.

What, at least I'm learning as I go.

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