Ground to a Halt

So on Friday, my external hard drive went down. No, that's not some kind of metaphor for a sad sex life: my LaCie mini hard drive really failed. Just up (down) and died. And because of it, everything else is grinding to a halt.

I can't caption and upload more photos because I have no more room on my Powerbook drive. I can't free up more space on the pb drive because I need to move stuff onto my LaCie mini drive. I can't move anything over there until I've restored it and reformatted it. I can't do that until I have another drive to copy the restored files onto. Everything's stopped for now.

I'm no stranger to harddrive failures, so this time I'm going to buy a brand new drive just for backups. I mean, this was a big scare, because I nearly lost -- well, maybe I shouldn't speak yet, since I haven't gotten my files back off the drive yet -- all my iTunes music. And this drive was my backup!


hougee said...

wohh.. 13 Gigs in 2 years... that's alot of files!

check out super duper.. it's free.. and it mirrors your drive (which makes backing up alot easier)

i would suggest to burn everything onto DVD once a while too..

Fumbling said...

shit. I have a LaCie too. Now I'm worried.

Ben said...

So yeah ... it was the actual drive inside the enclosure that died, so I replaced it just yesterday. The original drive was a Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 250GB, and I replaced it with a later generation Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB, which cost me around $80USD. I popped it in, and off it went: perfect.

My original drive, however -- the one with all my precious data on it -- makes a sound like an electric razor when I turn it on now, which more than likely means it's gone gone gone. Sad.

I'm actually even considering finding one of those data recovery services, because it would take me forever to try to get things back to "how they were" ... it might just be worth the cost from all the time I save.

And Fumbling, drives fail regardless of which company makes the enclosure. I definitely recommend having a full backup of everything. So far, I've had 2-3 drives fail on me, and from what I hear around friends, they only last about 2-3 years each now anyhow.