Brains about Braun

So I happened across a promotion for Father's Day (they celebrate it on August 8 here in Taiwan), and it was for Braun shavers. I picked up a pamphlet and waded through all their different series and models. And their website shows all sorts of neat things like a stand that cleans and disinfects your shaver every time you put it back in its cradle, like having some ultrasound vibrations and heated blades/screens, etc. Here's the question:

Do all those funky features that go into the expensive models really work to give you a closer shave?

And after all that, are they worth the money? Some of these beasts are selling for over $300 (US)! Feel free to answer whether you're a man who shaves or a woman who enjoys the man who shaves.


Kevin said...

no clue. but i wouldn't buy into too many of those features either. some of the cleaning features would be handy, like being able to run the shaver under the tap. but i don't think it makes much sense for me to shave in the shower, because i usually want a mirror in front of me when i shave.

Anonymous said...

I have the Philips one they used in one of the James Bond movies. Main features are that u can rinse the heads along with the collection chamber, and there is a funky LED mirrored status display :-) It's actually nice to be able to occassionally wash your shaver.

Ben said...

Okay, Jon, but does it (with all its new fandangled features) really give you a better/closer shave?