Let's say you stepped into the shower, and you're about done half your shower routine already. Suddenly, you need to pee. So tell me, do you pee in the shower?

Yeah, me too.


Princess Taj said...

Of course! It's counterproductive to shower, and then get out and pee, b/c then you're technically not squeaky clean anymore. Shower, pee, re-wash, get out - clean slate!

Princess Taj said...

I'm in awe that noone has responded to this post. They're all in denial!!!

Kevin said...

Funny that you should blog about this, because I was thinking about blogging on this exact topic just a couples of weeks ago. Never made it online though.

And actually, you know what? Honestly, I haven't done that at my place in Taiwan. Because of the way my shower tiles are angled, if I pee here, it will probably leave a puddle of watered down pee. Not acceptable.

I peed at your place though.

What. It's not like you live there anymore.

Ben said...

I'm kind of surprised too that I haven't gotten more responses about this.

I should mention that when I pee in the shower, I stand at the further side (away from the showerhead) and aim towards the drain. This ensures that the pee flows away from me (very important) and in the most direct path to the drain, and that there's a nice stream of water that comes at me and helps to run any incidental pee off me as quickly as possible.

It's like the opposite of pissing against the wind, which I haven't tried in person, but I'd imagine that's not the smartest idea nor the best experience.

Cecil said...

Shit. I don't think my comment got submitted. I'll try again...

I poo too if I need. Takes a while to work it all down the drain though.