Renew Now! At 10x Your Previous Contract Rate!

It continues: I called California Fitness head office to complain and the lady there (who handles membership transfers) told me that for me to continue, the cost should "only" be $6999NT/year ($200US). I guess that's better than $57000NT ($1700US). But I'm going to call her back and complain again because my original should be $20US ($700NT) per year instead!

I told them that nobody informed me my $20/year would be erased! So she is checking now. They said they would contact 24 Hour Fitness (US headquarters) overnight and then get a response for me yesterday or today. Otherwise, $6999 is still acceptable to me, I guess -- it's the cheapest option I have at the moment -- but it's still 10 times what I "should" be paying. I'd much rather pay $699NT instead.

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