Go Big or Go Home

This camera decision is really bothering me. I've played with ...

- Canon SD800IS in Vietnam (12 days, 1900 shots)
- Canon SD900 in Thailand (5 days, 900 shots)
- Panasonic DMC-FX07 for all the times in between

And I have to say that I am utterly unimpressed with any of these cameras' low-light and noise performances. My old S400 -- rest in peace -- kicked these cameras' asses! Of course, the new ones have a ton more features and the new movie modes are awesome, but they've forgotten about the essence of light and physics; they need to go back to the basics.

Anyway, it seems that I might be closer to my anticipated future big-honking-DSLR purchase than I expected. Dammit, I take that back, I take that back! I don't want a DSLR just yet. I think I just rather go with a bigger camera size than the slip-in-your-pocket types, like the Canon G7 or the Canon S3IS.

So that's a long-winded explanation to my questions:
What models?
And why?


Mike said...

You know what I have been saying.. go DSLR.. something like D40 or Digital Rebel will not be much bigger than those bigger point and shoot you are looking at. Plus, part of your investment (i.e. lens) will not depreciate like crazy.

Ben said...

So how do I choose a DSLR? I'm thinking maybe that needs to be my next purchase.

I checked out the Canon S3IS and I'm not impressed with the improvement over, say, the S80 (which doesn't even show up on Canon's USA website) for how much bigger it is.