Strange Minds

Okay, I can understand the Taiwanese pride with Chien-Ming Wang playing in the MLB. I can therefore understand a lot of Taiwanese brand names wanting to do all sorts of co-marketing products with him, including McDonald's.

So it's no surprise when I see an ad by McDonald's this morning on TV. But it which advertising genius was it to make the thematic phrase, "Give me Wang"?? Seriously, guys: double-check your copy.

Perhaps that's only loosely associated with Valentine's Day. Happy V Day!


virg said...

somehow that reminds me of Austin Powers

andres said...

haha, yup, i saw that. that's taiwan for ya.

if you drive down highway #1 and pass the hukou exit, there's a huge sign that says "little ding dong"... i get a good laugh everytime i see it.

andres said...

... and yea, you've been featured here: