Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever

Geez. It just gets worse and worse.

A couple times through the past few nights, I've had such coughing fits that triggered serious asthma. And while all dazed in the darkness, my lungs unable to fill with air, I thought I might die. So it evolved to the point where I was actually afraid to go back to sleep, fearing that if I wasn't consciously breathing -- that is, actively expanding and contracting my lungs -- that it would stop while I slept. And that's an experience you probably want to skip, given the choice.

And as you probably know, I'm back on some major medication now. Western medicine, Chinese traditional medicine, beefed up bronchodialators. I'm like a junkie, taking whatever I can get my hands on.

I'm sick even worse now; at dinner last night, I felt like my fingers and legs were restless -- you know that feeling when no matter how you position them, it always feels uncomfortable and swollen and unrested? I thought it was just being tired from only sleeping 4 hours the night before, but it wasn't.

Now I have a fever. Dagnabbit, I have to kill this off before next weekend. Otherwise, how the hell am I going to survive in Vietnam?? I feel like my body is really deteriorating here, like it's just up and giving up on me. It's just kind of scary.


With a fever, am I supposed to sweat it out or cool it off?

I always feel better after sweating it out at the gym, but someone got mad at me once, saying I was expending all my energy in working out instead of letting my boydy use that energy for healing.

And you know what? I have no idea how to measure body heat by the wrist-on-the-forehead method; everyone feels warm to me this way!


KT said...

I think by "sweating it out" means to get bundled up drink lots of hot fluids and stay under the covers. Or you could do that teepee thing myparents used to do with a pot of boiling eucalyptus leaves and other weird herbs. Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

I'm so so sorry you feel like garbage Ben!

The most important thing is to get rest. Your immune system recharges itself while you sleep. My grandma used to put whiskey in my tea when I was sick and I would sleep for hours. Granted I was five, but it still worked.

Feel Better!!!

Ben said...

Thanks for all your well wishes; if this were a movie and well-wishes could heal someone, I'd be Superman by now! :-) Anyway, my mom offered some advice, as all mothers are apt to do. I'll recap it here so you can all benefit this motherly wisdom.

"As someone said that you definitely need rest. Totally have a good rest will help you recover faster.
First at all, take some Tylenol to reduce the body temputure and take nutrious food. Have a good hot shower and wear it warm. sleep whole day long relex. Do not do anything but rest and drink lots of water. (eat 3000 - 4000mg Vit. C) Please do not go to gym this week. Stay in the room have a good rest with nutricious food such as steam egg. (you can cook it in microwave.)"

Yep, mums know best.

James said...

Your mom has some good advice. Don't forget to drink lots of fluids. Hot preferably