Job for Life

Imagine a job that you would just love to live for, a job so absolutely fantastical that it wouldn't feel like work: it's like your hobby that you get paid for. Few of us are lucky enough to have that. So I ask of you,

How far would you go to get that job?

I mean, what would you do to get it and/or keep it? Would you travel halfway around the world? Would you take a 20-40% paycut? Would you work (play) longer hours? Would you risk your relationship/marriage? How far?

(Disclosing what your dream job actually is, is optional.)


lem-n-ada said...

I would start as a receptionist for the meager amount of $17K/yr. I would work 80 hr/wk. I would make grown men cry to get my way. I would put up with a reputation around town as the Chinese female version of Hitler. But hey! I am doing what I love best.

hougee said...

umm... i bet all of the people at google will say yes :D

head dump said...

ok,I love my job, it pays shit and the guy I work with is even shittier.

Let me correct that. I hate my job, I love what I do and the guy I work with is full of shit.

Ben said...

I don't know that I'd take a 40% paycut though -- I don't make that much to start with -- but would they perhaps settle for a bad haircut?

I'd move around the world, sure. I've moved halfway around the world for this job already, and it wasn't my dream job (as you well know).

I'd work longer hours, but it wouldn't feel like work, and I'd probably enjoy it (to some extent). Doing so probably would put strain on any existing relationship, but working in a perfect job wouldn't leave me in a cruddy mood like some jobs had.

At the moment, I'm badgering all my contact in/around this dream job company, and trying everything I can to get an "in" to the job. I have an offer for another place, am expecting an offer for another, but this is the one I want and they haven't gotten around to starting the chats yet! Frustrating.

So close, yet so far.

Anonymous said...

Porn director and porn star. Since you're heading back to Cali, might as well give Vivid Video a try. It's hard work, but nobody ever said it wasn't fun.