Skimp and Splurge

We all have our differences, particularly in where we choose to spend our hard-earned money. I know a guy who ate instant noodles for a long time, and lived way out in the boonies, just to support his new habit: his BMW 540i. I know one who will spend copious amounts on home theatre equipment, but nothing on food. Heck, I even know people who spend everything they make on clothes, and depend on their family money to support things like rent/food.

So. What stuff do you skimp on (or prefer not to spend money on)? And that's so that you can splurge one what stuff?


lem-n-ada said...

Nuttin' wrong w/ popcorn for lunch and dinner so the La Mer face and eye cream can be afforded.

James said...

Avoid going out, drinking, new expensive clothes, spend it all in one weekend racing. Yah, that's the way to live!

Ben said...

Well, I avoid doing the clubbing thing nowadays (but that's not just for economics). I do spend a bit more on food (eating out) than I think I would like, but hey, I'm Taiwanese and that's what we do -- we eat.

I splurge on my Apple stuff. No question.

hougee said...

i like those who spend all their money on clothing (especially uppercut stuff) :)

and yeah.. food and shoes for me!!!

Ce said...

I pay big moolah for toys.

I skimp out on parking. I HATE paying parking. And I don't like paying more than $7.50+tax+tip for lunch during the work week.