Over Rice

Us Asians have a lot of dishes that are "blank-over-rice". You know, those dishes that have something saucy -- for instance, mapo tofu or Japanese curry, or stirfried beef and broccoli -- that's poured on top of rice, and then served.

Question: how do you eat it?
Do you mix it all up so it's kind of like a risotto where it's all a homogeneous melange?
Or do you keep them separate and only combine your particular spoonful?

Just wondering.


aliasa said...

If it's just my bowlful, I like to mash them up, so that the rice savors every aspect of the sauce.

lem-n-ada said...

I'm a purist - Keep it all separate, I say.

Ben said...

I keep them separate too, most of the time. That way, I can pretty much choose what each spoonful has, depending on my preference at that exact moment. More mushrooms? Less chicken? Just the tasty sauce? Whatever I like. :-)

With curry, however, I like that the rice is kind of soaked in it. So I'll spoon/pour some curry sauce with the veggies/meats over the rice -- enough for about 4 spoonfuls -- and go for my first mouthful while the rest of them mingle.

Works for me!

James said...

Must have sauce with every bite of rice. Otherwise it's just plain rice.

Ben said...

Well, James, I'm not suggesting you completely separate them: not like eat all the sauce first, and then wash it down with a bowl of white rice. I just meant to ask whether you'd stir it all up and then eat it like a congee, or if you'd individually craft each spoonful with the specific combination you want at the time ... which I suppose could be a spoon of plain rice if you so desired.