Nine Hundred

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rather momentus day, this 20th of May in the year 2006.

Not because it's such a gorgeous sunny Saturday morning at 7:55am and I can't sleep (and instead turn to my blog). Not because I'm taking the first big step in moving to my new apartment (conveniently located closer to the heart of downtown Taipei). Not because I just read an email that has escalated a heated discussion in which my location co-manager is antagonizing our director and basically limiting his career (in our firm) very quickly.


This is my 900th post on Creative Freedom, formerly known as ... damn, what did I used to call my blog? Anyway, this is the 900th entry in this blog. Hurray! Cake and cookies for everyone!


hougee said...

woohoo.. congrats! 100 more till 1000!! :)

so you found a place?

Nk said...

It used to be called Mindless Musings. =)

Dammit, what a waste of my brain cell. =(

Ben said...

Oh yeah. And after 900, I can't believe you're still reading what I write! Very honoured.

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOO!!! Happy 900th blog posting!!!! What a great reason to get really drunk, go out, and suck face with random people..... know, if you're into that sort of thing :)

Momcy said...

Hmmm! Closer to the heart of downtown Taipai? A thought just came to my mind! Need to talk to Mr. G! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Benster