My Roommate

I told you I moved into a 12坪 apartment, but what I didn't tell you was that I actually have a roommate. And last night, I outfitted her with a connection to the world: a cable TV subscription. You see, my roommate is my TV.

Every night when I get home, I walk in my place and turn on the TV. That's the first thing I do (after turning on the lights), even before I put my bags down and take off my coat. My TV is by far the most used appliance in the place, and all my furniture is somehow aligned towards it. As Joey mentioned in Friends,

"You don't own a TV? What's all your furniture pointed at?"

It's like I need that kind of background sound in the apartment to keep me company, to make me laugh, to feed little bits of useless banter into the air. Even when I hadn't had a cable connection yet, I would play episodes of Friends or Monk or some movie, just to keep my apartment from sounding like a library during Christmas week.

Just thought I'd share. Are you the same way?

Side announcement: my upgrade to iPhoto 6.0.3 seems to have resolved my previously hair-pullingly-annoying corrupt iPhoto library issue. That means I can now play catch-up on the past 4 months' worth of photo cataloging. Lovely.


Kevin said...

So, let me get this straight. Your roommate... you're saying you turn her on every night?

Rich and Angel said...

He turns her on and after a few hours of unsuccessfully trying to push the right buttons, she gets turned off completely for the night.

As for me, I just talk to myself... Have my right brain debate against my left brain.

Anonymous said...

Hold the the fact that you have a new roommate the tidbit of information that you couldn't reveal....or is something else still up your sleeve????

Ben said...

Well, my tidbit isn't that my TV is my roommate. I have other information that should be revealed in due time, probably will be early next week. You'll see.

Rose said...

I cancelled my cable subscription 2 mths ago. I'm feeling music a lot more then TV these days...

Benben, what's up with the secret!! Spill it already!

Rich and Angel said...

Does your big secret involve "angels" who are "venturing" in to save you from the past few demonizing months?

Anonymous said...

Ben, you've GOT to spill it!!!

My life is so rediculously uneventful right now - I need to live vicariously through yours!!!!!

Ben said...

Oh, come now, children. It's not that big of a secret, just that I can't really reveal it right now. In due time, people, in due time.

Rose, somehow music alone isn't enough to feel like it's keeping me company. I suppose radio would, but the reception in my place sucks (read: thick concrete building), so that just leaves TV.

RnA, uh ... what? I don't get your cryptic language, but I don't seem to have had the influence of angels in my life yet. Either that, or they
(1) mix in a little mischief to keep me wondering,
(2) are so subtle that I haven't noticed, or
(3) are evil angels.

Taj, don't you flip the tables on me! I'm living vicariously through you -- the reverse direction is dangerous, as it could kill you of boredom. In fact, living vicariously through the life of a snail would surpass the kind of excitement going on in my life.

Though yesterday, I did rearrange my dress shirts according to a general colour order -- you know, ROY G BIV. And then I moved the empty clothes hangers so that all the blue ones were on the left.

(Told you so.)

Rich and Angel said...

Angels as in angel investors...

Anonymous said...

I feel ya Ben, I dont have a TV nor a radio and at this point almost one year after the storm, I still dont, I just barely had my deck installed in my car not but 2 months ago. Music is good, I would take it any day over TV. I can get my news on the net, why not a pet Ben?