Downloading for when I'm Downloading

I've recently begun loading more software onto my mobile phone (W800i).

Software like eMSN (which is like MSN but without any real work done on making the interface usable or even sorted in some kind of humanly decodable manner) and J2ME Map (like Google Maps, but with no information on Taiwan at all, and thus, while requiring heavy GPRS bandwidth, offers no practical value to me).

And games like Aqualife X (demo only, where you're a fish and you can only eat fish that are smaller than you, and as you eat more you grow more and you can eat larger fish) and Bomber (which is like BomberMan, but on a tiny little screen and with a joystick that I keep blaming when I get blown up by my own bombs).

Anyway, the main reason I've been in this downloading/installing craze is so I can entertain myself while sitting on the crapper. Who knows, maybe I'll MSN you.

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