Two and Counting

It's been two years now.

Two years that I've religiously blogged (about non-religious stuff). Two years that I've spilled my silliest thoughts, confided my innermost questions, and shared my stupidest observations. I hope we've laughed and cried together, though I somehow have the feeling that you've mostly laughed at my crying instead. Just wanted to post a quick note and thank all of you for sticking with me this whole time (or pretending to by posting sporadic comments as if you'd been there all along).

Thank you so much! Now go do something productive.


Nk said...

Happy Two-Year!

I think the modern second anniversary gift is now... e-mail. I'll send you one later.

Momcy said...

Ben, u don't read my blog any more!

Ben said...

There isn't much to read when you don't post to it. I waste a lot of my life visiting blogs like yours every other day, only to find there's no new content on it! :-(

I think I'm going to change the nature of my blog a little bit, and see if I can update y'all more on my life as it changes. Maybe we can talk about more significant things, about drastic world-changing phenomenon, about trends that will sweep society as we know it.

Or poo.

Momcy said...

No, no, don't change, I like it the way it is. I don't mind

Anonymous said...

A belated happy 2 years!

Will you sing us a song and dance for us too? ;p

Sorry, been adjusting to the new work life *stressful and horrid*

Waiting for things to settle, light at the end of tunnel doesn't seem so near yet. :(

Surfacing for air. Working (from home), yet another weekend.