Getting Oriented

Wow, it's really going to happen: inside of three weeks, I will be transplanted to Asia.

Actually, I think my friends and family are a lot more excited about it than I am. I've got a big bag of mixed emotions about such a momentus (for me) move to the Orient. There are things I'll look forward to, things I'll miss, things I'll welcome, and things I'll resist. (Hey, that rhymes.)

So frankly, I've been more thinking about how I'm going to enjoy my time here, what I should buy to make my life more comfortable, and such material comfort items, rather than thinking about the actual work that I'll need to do. Instead, I should be trying to figure out how to develop the market here, and how I'm going to cope with my mediocre Chinese skills in a market that requires careful wording and diction.

Exciting times ahead, guaranteed. Let's see where it all goes.


hougee said...

don't worry.. they didn't hire you for ur chinese wording skills :) until you lose ur accent... you'll be treated with high regards and people will try to understand what you are saying instead of you trying to make them understand :)
remember.. you are a different breed..

so are there ikeas in taiwan? :)

Mike said...

I don't want you to go!! I'm gonna lose a workout partner!

But to be serious, I think we are all excited because of what it could mean for your career. Sure, it maybe just a title to you but that would be a wonderful stepping stone for the future.

Momcy said...

Good for you, Ben! Don't forget your friends in Canada! Do u have a place of your own or you're living with Kev? Have fun! :)

Ben said...

There's an IKEA near city center by Asia-World. I plan to visit there and make a day of it. Right after Costco. :-) Oh, and I went to TianMu yesterday and hell, it's practically Anytown, USA.

Mike, believe me, it sucks not to have a workout partner. I have no spot at the gym, and already I've kept my weight, lost my muscle and developed a lovely plush innertube. The ladies love it. (Okay, then don't. And there are no ladies commenting.)

My brother lives in HsinChu, some 1.5 hours south of me. It's a boring little tech town with not much else going for it, except that it literally forces you to save money (by not providing anywhere to spend it). I'll be in Taipei, which is way funner.

Just wait until I get my PGO 125 scooter with turbo, baby!

Nk said...

I just can't wait for what you can bring back from Canada. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I so envy you! You're near such great and tasty foods! I miss Taiwan -- was last there in 2002. My second visit in my entire lifetime! ;p

I also have a lot of friends who moved out to Asia to work there. Totally different and faster lifestyle.

You're just a skip away from Japan, Hong Kong and China too!

- aliasa