Alright, Hold It

Alright, look. What part of

"I'll hold this apartment for you."

could there be some kind of misunderstanding with? I know that Asian practices tend to be a little more under-handed, but this is ridiculous. This agent rented it out to someone else, hours after he promised he'd hold it for me until I could meet with him again (tomorrow/Saturday). I'm pissed. I feel like getting all ghetto on his ass, because he's dealt a blow to my future lifestyle, which I was quite looking forward to. This all means that tomorrow, I have to head all over town looking for another suitable apartment in the area.

This is harder than it sounds because people don't simply post their apartments for rent anywhere. You can't just walk up to a building and say, "I'd like to live here," and then expect there to be any postings there. Most of the time, these studio apartments are handled through rental brokers/agents. Pain in the ass.

Great, I have a work permit to work here, but nowhere to live while I work. Time to put my comfy shoes on again. Dammit! I'm absolutely livid right now. Somebody's gonna get hurt real bad ... somebody.


Momcy said...

Ben, you must have forgotten to put a deposit down!? NO MONEY, NO TALK! That's the international practice!

Ben said...

That was the thing: I asked him to hold it so that I could arrange a time to meet with him about the deposit. Damned Taiwanese people. I'm still pissed about it.

Anonymous said...

kick his ass