Heck No, I'm Not Blogging That

Over IM, yesterday (slightly edited for you):

ME: ... I probably could have showed hEr a little more that I loved hEr; I'm not particularly expressive (in relationships).

HIM: which is funny for a metro guy. speaking of metro, today i spent money on a psp ... but probably spent equal amount in total on clothing and skin care products. scary.

ME: I'm still denying the metro. Skin care? Oh, I gotta go get some before I move to Asia.

HIM: really? i'm not even bothering to deny the metro. and if you deny metro then you could just be gay instead.

ME: Yeah, I think I'd rather be metro.

HIM: this is what i got. X had heard about it and was getting some, so i pickd up some at the same time. they have a store in taiwan it seems. heh. it's expensive stuff, but i figure go all out, if this doesn't work, i just won't bother with anything.

ME: My dermatologist said not to bother. But I still do. Because "obviously", I know better than he does. He's not metro, after all. He doesn't have that instinct.

HIM: not to bother with skincare products?

ME: Just a good soap. Like, a regular soap you can buy at Walmart. he had a brand called Basic or osmething.

HIM: maybe he's saying you're beyond help. but queer eye taught me collagen fights wrinkles! they must be right because they're gay! is your dermatologist gay? hmmmmmm?

ME: He's not. That's why i don't trust him. :-)

HIM: (this conversation should be blogged)

ME: Hahaha ... you do it.

HIM: i don't think i want to admit i discuss skincare products on my blog

ME: ... but it's okay for Mr. 49% Fem, I suppose.

HIM: it's one thing to say "sure, i'm metro" and get chicks fawning. quite another to say, ask where to get a manicure.


HIM: you're 49% fem?

And the conversation pretty much ended there.

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