Family Resemblance

Yes. My siblings and I, we do look alike. You're definitely not the first person today to bring it up, let alone this year, and certainly we're into triple digits in this lifetime. Heck, there was one night last week where we had to endure it for every new person we met -- it was like sitting infront of a semi-automatic oh-my-god-you-guys-look-so-alike machine gun.

Yes. The strong genetic trait goes through the three of us, but obviously my brother and I share it a lot more than my sister does; thank goodness for her sake. A friend once chatted with my brother for several minutes before realizing it wasn't me he was talking to. My dad can't tell us apart on the phone.

The most recent happened last night, as we scootered up to the juice stand to fill my bro up with vitamin C. We gave our orders and the lady looked at us.

"Are you twins?"

Oh, man, not again. But we have this down now; we just smiled and shook our heads. I think the lady took this a little harshly, as if it showed failure on her character that she had guessed wrong. So she made an attempt at redeeming some of her self-esteem.
"You're at least brothers, right?"

Sure, why not, let's give her that much and get on with it. We nodded and confirmed for her, and she seemed once again pleased with herself. Perhaps we gave new meaning to her life, or perhaps we had just taken part in her amusement for the moment. Either way, she continued to serve up our drinks with a new sense of purpose.

Please, people, stop staring and continue as you were. Nothing to see here.


Kevin said...

Hey! I get the same kind of comments when I'm out walking with my brother too... but he's my twin.

Momcy said...

Good that people notice you are a family, otherwise,you'll be in the situation of Prince Harry?! :)