A-Do Run Run Run, A-Do Run Run

Things I learrned this morning:

  • People stare at you when you jog in Taiwan. Like you're nuts or something.

  • Breathing car fumes and other smog-like substances is not healthy when you really need the air.

  • Running faster just means you'll get lost in the area faster.

  • Every breath smells like something different; it's like a Kinder surprise.

  • Having immediate access to the alley carts serving food during your run is a major motivation-sucker.

  • Running in the rain makes your clothes stink after, and warrants a full laundering.

  • My patella tendon can't take much jogging. Apparently, this is true regardless of continent.

Perhaps I'll stick to the elliptical machine inside a nice local gym instead.


aliasa said...

Come to think of it, when I was last in Taiwan (2002), I never saw any joggers running outside.

Anonymous said...

just found out recently that you're going to work in taiwan. wow, all 3 of u r there now... makes me wonder why i'm the only one left here in vancouver, hahaa :P


Ben said...

Mel, I think you're jumping the gun a bit. I'm only here for some discussions and negotiations. And Vancouver air is going to smell SO GOOD when I'm back there soon!

I tried going for a jog today again, and it was much much warmer -- even found a park where I could do some primitive workouts. Better than nothing, I suppose.