Walking Bag of Chemicals

Okay, as we head into the weekend, let's play a rather unconventional game! I went to a specialist last week and he prescribed some medication for me. So let's all guess what I have! This is what I'm on:

Amoxillin (500mg)

Taken orally, 4 times a day: after each meal, and once before sleeping. I've been on this for about a week now -- I revisit the doctor each time after the 3-day prescription runs out. (It's a restriction of the Taiwanese medicare system.)

[Edit: let's add on another set for a different ailment. Try this on for size, though some of the typing got cut off.]
MethylEphedrine 2--
Prednisolone 5mg
Cimetidine f.c.20--
Cyproheptadine Hc--
Tren 250mg


S said...

Some kind of nasty throat/lung infection? Eep... hope you feel better soon.

Ben said...

Yeah, apparently, I have the workings of a small case of pneumonia here.

And the second batch of drugs is for the allergic hives I got, likely caused by the combination of stress/worry, my lowered immune system, and two Vietnamese spring rolls I had one afternoon. So now I'm not allowed to eat eggs, peanuts, chocolate, seafood, or alcohol for two weeks until everything is (hopefully) back to normal!

S said...

Um... not that I can tell when you're snarfing down an entire pharmacy, but it sounds like an allergic reaction to one of the drugs you took. =P

But, yeah... feel better soon. In time for your trip to Vietnam =)

James said...

Woah, it looks like you're on your death bed with that much drugs.

Kevin said...

The good thing is that you have over 1 month before Vietnam. Better clean your body up for the stuff we're going to eat there!

turen said...

hey, we can all be doctors in taiwan. just give you everything we can think of under the sun!