Another Day, Another Bag o' Pills

Good news! My pneumonia is about 95% healed, and I went into the doctor's today to see about longer-term health issues. Foremost on my list is the asthma I've had since childhood, which I've been wanting to find a better solution to than just puffing up the inhaler whenever I need it. (Since coming to Taiwan, I've been needing them more and more often, which I attribute to Taipei's fantastic pollution.)

So he puts that cold stethoscope to me, listens for a while, and what did I get?

amoxillin (500mg)

Nearly the same prescription for my nearly-gone cough, just to make sure it's done and dealt with. Lovely. Of course, he did add on one more item:

This Pulmicort -- or Rhinocort, in other countries -- is actually a nasal spray. I haven't tried it yet, but I don't really want to spray stuff in my nose; I'd much rather inhale a packet of powder like the SereVent Diskus or Advair Diskus I've had before.

I'll bet my drug dealer doctor is really liking me now.


Nk said...

I also thought that if there were a junkie in the family, it'd be me. But feel free to claim that title.

I'll stick with OCD and OT-maniac.

James said...

Wow, it's like you're 80 years old and need pills for your pills.