Minimum Requirements

Clipped from one of my insightful conversations with C.

Ben: But on my table, I do have soy MiLK. And this place is good -- first time catching them, because they're only open 7am-11am. I mean, you must have pretty good business to warrant opening only 4 hours a day.
C: ew
Ben: You don't like soy milk??
C: geez nope don't like soy milk
Ben: WTF is wrong with you? You are defective.
C: i'm not really asian, i guess
Ben: Yeah. I think you're an impostor. I'm going to ask your parents to revoke your Asianness.
C: i gain it back by listening to honger music
Ben: Haha, okay. Re-instated.

And with nary another statement, a man's ethnic group re-accepts him.

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